Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Policy Development

One of the ways that the Youth Coalition aims to achieve its objectives is through policy development; through pro-actively engaging in policy development affecting young people aged 12 - 25, and responding to policy activities such as discussion papers and strategies. While the Youth Coalition regularly engages in consultation with our membership, young people and other stakeholders on specific issues and policy activities, we also have a range of general policy positions outlined in the Youth Coalition Policy Platform. These are agreed upon biennially by the membership.

Click here to view the Youth Coalition Policy Platform.

Some examples of policy work undertaken by the Youth Coalition includes:

  • Developing submissions to inquiries, reviews and consultations;
  • Developing submissions to draft ACT Government strategies and plans;
  • Supporting the youth sector to engage in policy activities;
  • Writing letters to key stakeholders;
  • Conducting independent research and consultations with our membership and with young people; and,
  • Developing media releases.

Click here
to view the Youth Coalition's policy submissions.