Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Multicultural Youth Affairs

The population of the ACT is culturally diverse with 22% of the ACT population having been born overseas, with 12% of this population being aged 12 - 25 years. The Youth Coalition is strongly invested in supporting multicultural young people, particularly those who are newly arrived or of a refugee background. The Youth Coalition provides advocacy work relating to multicultural young people in a range of forums, submissions, committees and other activities, which is based upon the policy positions and commitments outlined in the Youth Coalition's Policy Platform on Multicultural Young People.

Click here to view the Youth Coalition's Policy Platform on Multicultural Young People.

The Youth Coalition also coordinates the Multicultural Youth Affairs Network, which seeks to improve supports for multicultural young people, strengthen multicultural youth services, strengthen connections between multicultural youth services and raise the profile of multicultural young people in the ACT.

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for more information about the Multicultural Youth Affairs Network.

In addition, the Youth Coalition participates in the following committees which focus specifically on multicultural young people:

  • Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network Australia; and,
  • Federation of Ethnic Communities of Australia.